3 (More) Simple Home Remedies for Problem Skin

Now that we’ve shown you the wonders of what baking soda, butter, lemon juice, and salt can do for your skin, we’ve come up with three more surprisingly simple home remedies for skin problems, this time with a focus on dry skin.  These home remedies are still cheap and easy, and you’re still likely to already have them for some other reason—like salads.  Or sandwiches.  Which brings us right to:

Home Remedy #5 – Mayonnaise

VitaStrength.com - Mayo is an excellent home remedy for dry hair and problem skin. VitaStrength.

Good for: cracked skin, dry skin, dry hair

With the richness of eggs and an oil base, mayonnaise is an excellent emollient and home remedy for dry skin and hair.  Whether your hair is coarse, you’ve got a case of the frizzies, or your skin’s lack of moisture gives you itchy headaches, mayo can set you straight.

Recommended use:

  • On skin – Massage into affect area. Wait 10 minutes; then, rinse or shower as usual. Best as a pre-shower/bath treatment.
  • On hair – Mix ¼ cup of mayo into your regular conditioner; apply as usual.  Adjust amount used if necessary. For deep treatments, apply to entire head and cover with a plastic cap for a least 30 minutes.  Rinse and shampoo as usual.  For extra dry hair, rinse only.


Home Remedy #6 – Tea

VitaStrength.com - Both green and black tea are great home remedies for dry and oily skin, and hair. VitaStrength.

Good for: body acne, dandruff, dry skin, enlarged pores, oily hair

Tea is a home remedy that’s been used in at-home beauty regimens for ages.  But what many people don’t know is that tea is actually a natural astringent.  It tightens enlarged pores, draws out impurities, and rids skin and hair of dulling residue, leaving it refreshed.

Recommended use:

  • In the bath – Add 5 – 7 tea bags to hot bath water; let steep until pigment is released.  Soak and/or bathe as usual.  Removing the tea bags is optional.
  • As a facial toner and astringent – Apply cooled, strongly brewed tea to face and neck with a cotton ball or round.  Pat skin dry, or allow to air dry before applying a light facial moisturizer.
  • As a hair tonic – Pour a quart of cooled, strongly brewed tea over hair and scalp, massaging at roots.  Work into hair and ends; leave on for 10 minutes.  Then, rinse.


Home Remedy #7 – Vegetable oils (canola, coconut, corn, olive)

VitaStrength.com - Olive and other vegetable oils are great home remedies for dry hair and skin. VitaStrength.

Good for: dry hair, dry skin

Lotion or conditioner too thin for your needs?  Any vegetable oil in your kitchen can transform even the most economical hair and skin care products (which tend to be on the thin side) into beauty treatments that’ll leave you silky smooth and from head to toe.

Recommended use:  This one’s pretty straightforward.  To a standard size bottle of lotion or conditioner (12 – 16 oz), add 1 – 2 ounces of your preferred vegetable oil.  Heavier oils (like corn and soybean) are best used in winter months.  Of course, more may be added to suit your skin’s unique needs.

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