Coleus Forskohlii – Dr. Oz’s Weight Loss Secret

forskolin for weight-lossHailed by Dr. Oz as the secret to weight loss, Coleus Forskohlii is taking the health world by storm. This member of the mint family boasts several benefits, including decrease of asthma symptoms and a valuable tool to aid you in your weight loss journey.

Also known as Forskolin, this flowering plant grows in a variety of locations, including central Africa and Eastern Asia. For years, these herb has been used to treat a multitude of ailments. Traditional medical uses include the treatment of digestive disorders (stomachache, gastric and intestinal spasm, nausea, as a purgative), skin (burns, wounds, insect bites, allergies), infections (eg, syphilis, ringworm), and other conditions, including neck stiffness, and rheumatism. Forskolin has also been used to treat heart, blood, and circulation conditions, and cancers. (

For athletes, Forskolin can be exceptionally beneficial. This ‘power’ herb excels at relaxing the arteries and smooth muscles, lowering blood pressure, and significantly increase fat burning. Those experiencing an underproduction of insulin could see a boost in energy and cell recovery time, and those suffering from thyroid issues may also benefit.

The data on Forskolin and Coleus Forskohlii Suppliments is ever expanding as more and more research delivers promising results. Experience this powerful herb for yourself, and be the next weight loss success story.

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