A Rewarding Opportunity

VitaStrength offers a business opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing their potential. Many people across America are starting their own VitaStrength business which empowers them to share VitaStrength products, earn additional income, and make a difference along the way.

4 Ways to Get Involved

Retail Customer –

If you use VitaStrength’s products for your own personal weight-loss, fitness or wellness goals, this may be the ideal way for you to be involved with VitaStrength.

Wholesale Customer – 

If you use VitaStrength’s products on a regular basis, you may want to take advantage of the 30% discount by becoming a Distributor.

Distributor at 20% to 46% Discount –

If you share VitaStrength’s products with friends and family, you can enjoy additional profits at 20 to 46%

Elite Member-

At the Elite Member level you will enjoy the highest discounts available and the greatest earning potential from your entire organization.

4 Ways To Make Income



Earn up to 46% profit on every product you sell.



Sponsor other Distributors and earn commissions on products they sell.



Earn income on your entire organizational volume.



Qualify for fabulous incentives and a one-time Newcomer Bonus.

Newcomer Bonus Program

The VitaStrength Newcomer Bonus Program is designed to reward you right away for your hard work. See how you can qualify for a $500 Newcomer Bonus..

How To Earn

Become an Advisor, then over your first three months as an Advisor :

  1. Sponsor three new frontline Distributors

  2. Accumulate $3,000 in total sales from newly-sponsored Distributors.

Eligibility for the Newcomer Bonus Program begins on the first day of the Pay Period after becoming an Advisor.

The minimum sales to qualify is $3,000 from new legs within the first one to three months as a newly qualified Advisor.

One-time bonus only available during the first three months as an Advisor.

Bonus does not increase for volume or sign ups above $3,000.

Any sales in a first level downline Distributor account that would potentially count toward earnings. Product must be paid for by that downline Distributor and shipped to the downline Distributor’s address on record.

VitaStrength has the sole discretion to review, audit, and determine whether an Advisor has earned a bonus pursuant to the VitaStrength Policies and Procedures.

Personal purchases do not count toward sales for the Newcomer Bonus. Orders by retail customers who have a VitaStrength account are considered personal purchases.

VitaStrength does not allow or condone willful manipulation or fraudulent activity associated with bonus programs, incentives, or contests and as such, conducts an investigation prior to qualification for awarding bonuses, incentives and contests. The discovery of willful manipulation or fraudulent activity will be grounds for disqualification of an award.

Bonus will be paid in the Pay Period that follows 30 days in which it is earned.