What Your Brain Fog is Really Trying to Tell You

Nobody functions at peak capacity a hundred percent of the time.  Sometimes you forget the very obvious parking spot in which you’ve left your car.  Or the last time you saw your shoes.  Or even, the last place you saw your kid.

VitaStrength.com - Brain fog is a common annoyance with many causes. NeuroMax for mental clarity.If this sounds like you, then you ‘re already familiar with brain fog, the annoying, intrusive lack of focus that mucks up your daily routine and leaves you with only fleeting hints of what it is you’re actually supposed to be doing.

But if you frequently forget everyday things (and responsibilities), or suffer through this uncomfortable mental haze several times a week, your brain fog is probably trying to tell you any of the following:

You’re not getting enough sleep.

Brain fog is a natural consequence of sleep deprivation.  Without at least six hours of continuous, uninterrupted sleep, your brain can’t function properly.  You lose the ability to categorize, sort, and store information in a meaningful way.

Also, without adequate sleep your hormones become unbalanced—which means any cognitive difficulties you’re having will only be compounded by a body that can’t physically keep up.  Go to bed earlier, and if you don’t have a bed time, find one and stick with it.

Your brain fog could be the result of sleep apnea.

Brain fog is one of the primary symptoms of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing (as you snore very loudly) many times per night.  The loss of oxygen rouses you from your sleep each time, and after a night of waking up anywhere between 10 – 50 times over just a few hours, your mental energies are shot the next day.

Aside from the obvious inconvenience, sleep apnea contributes to brain fog by inhibiting your ability to fall into deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.  REM sleep allows your brain to “reset” and prepare itself for the next day; without it, your brain essentially lives on cat naps.  The good news, however, is that sleep apnea is treatable.

Your diet may lack one or more key nutrients.

Don’t assume you’re getting everything you need from your diet—especially if brain fog is a frequent problem for you. Although they’re more common in vegans, a B12 deficiency could be responsible for your cloudy thinking.

You’re doing too much… or everything (by yourself).

You’re only human and as such, can only handle so much.  And no matter what or whom you’re doing all that you’re doing for, it’s counterproductive to multitask your way to chronic brain fog.  Learn how to do less, ask for help, or learn to simply say “no.”  Your clear, sharpened mind will thank you for it.

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