5 Surprising Ways to Relieve Stress

Let’s be honest: Sometimes life just sucks.  But that doesn’t mean you have to lose your mind dealing with the stresses that come your way.  While there’s no such thing as greener grass, you should certainly make sure you don’t fry the little grass (read: nerves) that you have.  Managing stress is just as important as managing anything else, especially since its side effects actually give you more to stress out about.

So to help you relax, we’ve come up with five stress relievers that you’ve probably overlooked, but are all sure to ease your daily anxiety and set you atop cloud nine.

Stress Reliever #1: Have an orgasm. (Seriously.)


VitaStrength - Relieve stress with the best stress reliever ever: an orgasm. VitaStrength.com





This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but some people need a reminder.  Orgasms release endorphins, pleasure hormones that quell pain and give you a euphoric, mountain-top high.  We implore you to even try to stay stressed out as you descend this mountain.  It is virtually impossible.

Stress Reliever #2: Have breakfast for dinner.


VitaStrength - Relieve stress with breakfast instead of stress balls. VitaStrength.com



It’s not just the sunny yellow of perfectly scrambled eggs, or the happy faces to be made with bacon strips.  Having breakfast for dinner means you’re likely to end your day with Vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are shown to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels and make you feel happier overall.


Stress Reliever #3: Say many, many curse words.


VitaStrength - Relieve stress by cursing and blowing off steam. Stress relief by VitaStrength.com








Relieve stress with a potty mouth?  It’s absolutely %!@#ing possible!  Setting aside a safe, private time to curse, vent, and blow off steam (and possibly amuse yourself in the process) is a great way to sort and get in touch with your feelings—which goes a long way in understanding why you’re stressed in the first place.

Stress Reliever #4: Turn off your TV.


VitaStrength - Turning off the TV is a great stress reliever. No stress balls needed. By Vitastrength.com


Once upon a time it was called the boob tube and sat stationary in a living room; now it pervades every facet of your life, and to your mental detriment.  Television is a stimulant for the mind in the way coffee is a stimulant for the body.  If you wouldn’t attempt to go to sleep every night with eight cups of coffee coursing through your veins, why would you attempt to relax your mind with hours of TV?  Give your head a break and enjoy the digital disconnect.  You won’t miss that much in 60 minutes.


Stress Reliever #5: Find your passion.


VitaStrength - Passion, growth, personal fulfillment is a great stress reliever. VitaStrength.com


What fulfills you?  Most chronically stressed people can’t even begin to answer this question.  But passion, motivation, and personal interests all work in concert to produce a happier, more emotionally balanced you.  But don’t just find what makes you happy—find the (positive) thing that engages every part of you and provides you room to grow.  Then, do this thing often.

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