4 Simple Home Remedies for Problem Skin

Few things in life are as embarrassing as sudden, inopportune breakouts or recurring skin problems.  But if you’re not into treating them with prescriptions and chemical concoctions (or can’t afford to), staying on top of problem skin can be especially difficult.  That’s why we’ve come up with some surprisingly simple home remedies for problem skin that are cheap, easy, and most important – convenient.  In fact, they’re probably sitting in your fridge or pantry right now!

Best of all, these home remedies are all natural, and most can be combined to suit your skin’s unique needs.

Home Remedy #1 – Baking SodaHome remedies - Baking soda is a great home remedy for acne and dandruff.Good for:  acne (face, body), enlarged pores, keratosis pilaris, oily skin, oily dandruff, whiteheads, rashes (contact dermatitis, allergic reactions), some blackheads

Typically a baking or laundry additive, this powdered salt has hundreds of known uses, but its use on skin is still a relative secret (though some people are hip to using it as a shampoo).  It’s a great exfoliant and does an excellent job of softening skin by loosening dead skin cells, and breaking up dirt and oils.

Recommended use:  Form a paste with water; massage into affected areas using a circular motion.  Let sit for at least 5 minutes, then rinse off.  Experiment with the thickness of the paste as needed; err on the thin side for everyday facial use.  Follow with your regular facial moisturizer.

Tip: Add a very small amount of your regular soap or body wash to the paste for easier application.


Home Remedy #2 – ButterHome remedies - Whipped butter is a great home remedy for dry skin.

Good for:  mild callouses, cracked skin (heels, nipples), chapped lips, dry skin, dry patches

Butter is awesome for so many reasons – but I bet you didn’t know one of them was soothing dry skin, or helping nursing moms breastfeed a little easier.  Rich in skin-healthy vitamins A, D, and E, it’s the one kitchen product that effectively penetrates layers of skin instead of acting as a barrier (or sealant) to moisture that may or may not be present.  Plus, there’s no ointment taste for baby, and no nasty mineral oil taste when used on the lips.

Recommend use:  Apply at night to affected areas, preferably after a bath or shower.  Nursing moms apply to nipples as needed.

Tip:  Whipped butter is easiest to apply and therefore works best.


Home Remedy #3 – Lemon JuiceHome remedies - Lemon juice is a great home remedy for acne and oily skin.

Good for:  acne (face), dull complexions, oily skin

Already known as a natural de-greaser, lemon juice is packed with vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production and protects skin from free radicals.  It’s also antibacterial and has some skin lightening properties, both of which are great against acne and acne scars.

Recommended use:  Use as an astringent by applying with cotton swabs or rounds daily.  Follow with a light facial moisturizer of your choosing.


Home Remedy #4 – SaltHome remedies - Salt is an excellent home remedy for body acne, toe fungus, and many other skin problems.

Good for:  body acne, boils, cysts, mild folliculitis, foot odor, fungal infections (skin yeast, vaginal yeast, jock itch, toenail fungus), keratosis pilaris, miscellaneous rashes, whiteheads

The king of all home remedies, here is one more reason salt is essential for life: It purifies everything.  Remember when your mom made you rinse out your mouth with salt water when you lost a tooth?  It’s because most, if not all bacteria (and fungi) can’t survive in salty environments.  And bacteria and fungi are the root cause of most of the above.  Keratosis pilaris, however, benefits from salt’s exfoliating properties.  For cysts and boils, salt draws out all the nastiness and disinfects what’s left behind.

Recommended use:

  • Body acne, boils, cysts, rashes, folliculitis  –  Add 1 – 2 canisters of salt to bath water.  Soak your entire body (or affected area) in this solution for at least 30 minutes.  Then, wash as usual.  Do NOT apply lotion or moisturizer afterward (this allows the salt to continue working on the skin).  Rinse off, if desired, in the morning.

Do this nightly for a week, or however long problem persists.

  • Foot odor / toe fungus  – Add 1 canister of salt to a small wash basin of your choice.  Soak feet daily for at least an hour.  Foot odor will improve within a few days; toenail fungus will show some visible improvement within 10.

Tip:  One cup of vinegar, or a few drops of tea tree oil, will boost treatment effectiveness.

  • Keratosis pilaris  –  Form a salt scrub with your soap, preferably a liquid one.  In the same manner as the baking soda, apply the scrub in a circular motion; let sit for at least five minutes.  Then, rinse and wash as usual.

Dietary changes may be necessary to completely eliminate this skin condition, but salt scrubs will surely improve its appearance.

So whether you’re fighting a sudden rash, a dandruff spell that’s making you look like you’re in the middle of your own private snowstorm, or just good ol’ fashioned acne, try these today for all natural relief!

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